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The Madam Ella Koblo-Gulama Scholarship Essay Competition started October 3, 2019!!! 

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Document must be written in English by the person submitting the essay (composition).

2. You must include your name and the name of your school or the school you plan on attending.

3. Essay should be between 500-1000 words.

4. Essay must be typed or neatly handwritten in black pen.

5. Must be a Sierra Leonean female - living in Sierra Leone.  

6.  Participants must be in their final year of secondary school and will go on to achieve higher education or must be enrolled in technical school, college, or university.

Final essay compositions should be submitted no later than December 15, 2019.  

Contestants’ essays will be judged based on the clarity of the writing and the quality of the thinking they reflect.

Participants can choose from the following questions:

1.  What tools do you believe are required to have effective empowerment of women in Sierra Leone and what steps you would take to ensure that society can make it happen?

2.  What would you do to ensure that the girl child stays in school from Nursery school until SSS 3 (form 6)?

3.  How do you think women like PC Madam Ella Koblo-Gulama have paved the way for women in Sierra Leone and what would you do to continue her legacy?

Once the essay is completed, please email the final draft to madamellafoundation@gmail.com or place your essay in a drop off box located at Balmaya Restaurant in Congo Cross on Motor Main Rd in Freetown.  

For questions please email:  madamellafoundation@gmail.com 

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